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Monday, October 31, 2011

6 Months and October Fun

This post was a little late but that's mainly because Berick's 6 month appointment was 6 days after he turned 6 months...ANYWAY!

Berick is a gigantic bundle of awesome and it keeps getting better! His stats go as follows:

  • Weight 16.4 lbs
  • Length/Height 26 1/2 inches
  • Head Size: he's now in the 31st percentile for head size so his noggin' is still little but that's ok!
At 6 months Berick can now officially sit up on his own! Its pretty stinkin' cute however he gets upset if he sits for too long...maybe it hurts his little abs?...He also likes:

  • talking to himself
  • fake coughing
  • playing with toys that aren't really toys ie. the box that we keep the toys in
  • being outside
  • cars and trains
  • anything he can shove in his mouth
  • baby fruits
  • examining things thoroughly like he's a scientist
  • blowing raspberries
  • breathing in and out really fast when he's excited which is generally accompanied by extreme leggy kicking
  • cuddling with mom
  • playing with dad: correction he LOVES dad! I swear this boy could be having the worst day and as soon as Kenyon walks through that door its all smiles on the Western front!
At 6 months Berick dislikes:

  • getting his arms put through the arm holes of clothes: when I do this he will try to squirm and scoot away
  • shots at the doctor
  • strangers and certain women: he's in the beginning stages of stranger anxiety where he gets scared and cries if someone he doesn't know holds him and for some reason certain females really get him upset
  • sitting up for too long because he can't figure out how to lay back down
  • too much tummy time
  • most baby veggies
  • not being put down when its nap time
This funny boy lights up my days and is learning so much! He's silly and sometimes whiny but I just can't get enough of him.

 The pics below are from Berick and I's time at the Pumpkin Walk here in Logan! It wasn't as good this year and Berick wasn't 100% interested but whatevs! Kenyon had to work but we have hopes he'll be with us next year!
My baby and me :)
He's really excited to be there...

Berick as some weird bunny candy man...

Nightmare Before Christmas

Despicable Me


Berick as Buzz

Saturday, October 15, 2011

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

I got the inspiration for this post from a friend with super cute twins :)...Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. As pretty much all of my blog followers and friends know, I myself had a miscarriage last year in March. It was probably one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing I've ever gone through. I won't go into detail but the gist of it was I was 8 weeks pregnant but the baby stopped developing at six weeks. We saw the baby on the ultrasound which was not a good idea because although we saw it, there was no heartbeat which coincidentally left me heart broken. In retrospect it brought Kenyon and I closer together and we learned how to get through tough times.

After that ordeal a few months later I got pregnant with Berick and its completely changed my life. The entire time I was terrified I would lost him but month after month he kept growing. When I first laid eyes on him and they placed him on my chest I started bawling because God had given us such a miracle. Now when I'm having a tough time with him or a sleepless night I just try to keep in mind how blessed we are to have him when other mothers out there are struggling or have gone through losses. A woman I know gave birth to her baby 2 months early that sweet spirit passed away a day later. I can't imagine what the family is going through but I know if they turn to the Lord he will see them through it.

I get so excited when I hear about my friends who are pregnant and pray that everything goes well. Heavenly Father entrusts us with these little miracles and its our job to raise them and love them. I thank God everyday for my little Bean and I love him so much. I know that Heavenly Father loves me because I can feel it when I think of how much love I have for Berick. Its so amazing the how instant the love is and how intense.

Berick, I love you with all my heart and am so grateful to Heavenly Father for him sending you to Kenyon and I. You light up my day every morning even if its early. Your little smile could turn my darkest days bright. You give everyday new meaning. Your laugh makes me cry because its just so precious and to see you with your dad puts everything into perspective. I pray that I will raise you right and with gospel standards. I one day hope to see you serve the Lord on a mission and then marry a sweet woman of your choosing in the Temple. Know that I will always love you and do literally anything to see you happy. You're my sweet, handsome guy and I love you with all of my heart and soul.

                                                                                                                 Love Always,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Soooo let's just say things in the Petersen home have been a little bit hectic lately. I'm not saying that things have been unbearable but for sure stressful at times. My dad has moved in with us for a bit while he gets things together to go to rehab here in Utah. Its been hard for a lot of different reasons but especially monetarily. Kenyon's hours have been less since he started school and we weren't sure how we were going to make ends meet especially with a certain baby boy whose formula costs almost $30.00 a can and goes through about a can a week. I was really starting to get worried because Kenyon was starting to get worried. Kenyon is the type to stress only when things really start getting bad.

So what does any faith based Latter Day Saint family do in times of trial and struggle?...pray, pay tithing, and turn to the Lord for guidance and strength. Needless to say we did just that and things have truly come together in ways such as:
  • We are still on medicaid so Berick's doctor visits are covered
  • WIC came through again so Berick's formula and baby food is covered
  • Food stamps came through again so we can buy plenty of food for ourselves (for the record we aren't people who believe on living off the government for life but we've been paying into the system since we were 13 so why not benefit from something we've put into for so long)
  • We've been healthy and haven't had any medical needs
  • Everything with my dad has for the most part worked out and come together (we prayed about him coming to live with us and got the revelation that it was the right thing)
  • And most recently and AWESOMELY Kenyon just got a new job that will compensate for the hours he lost when school started so we'll be able to get off food stamps quicker and pay our bills without feeling so stressed!
I know that there are many worse things that could be going on in our life but when you begin to worry about how you'll afford essentials, things appear to be a bit hopeless. Thankfully we have faith and trust in the Lord and know that He will never give us anything we can't handle and if we follow Him he will provide for us. I love my family and I love my Heavenly Father.

In other news, Berick is working on sitting up on his own which is funny to watch and he giggles ALL THE TIME! I love him more and more everyday! He keeps me busy and happy. I find myself waking up in the morning at 7 wanting to go back to bed but as soon as I pick him up and see his little smile I get over the fact that I'm tired :) He's growing sooooo much and sooooo fast and it makes me tear up a little. I love watching him develop but I hate the thought that he'll never be the age he is now ever again. His little personality is coming out and he's starting to eat some baby food! He quite likes the fruits :)

Kenyon and I are just going to school and trying to enjoy life as it comes! I love seeing Kenyon with Berick! Every time Kenyon comes through the door Berick will look over at him and get this huge grin on his face knowing that it s play time. Kenyon is such an amazing father to our boy and my love for him just intensifies when I see him play with Berick.

Life is coming together and I'm trust trying to keep up with everything! I'll get some more pics of Bean up soon but if you're really itching to see him either come see me or check facebook! I've just discovered how to upload pics from my phone to facebook! It's pretty cool!

Friday, September 16, 2011

End of Summer

 So these pictures below are from the fair over the summer! We had so much fun that we went twice! I think Berick enjoyed walking around but as you can see to the left here he got a little sleepy :)

 Here's a cute baby cow! I wanted to lay Berick next to it but I was worried it would get up and step on him.

 These pigs I thought were cute because they were cuddling :)

He is quite kissable!

   Here I am at the Train Festival thing in Brigham City. Berick liked watching the trains but was not a huge fan of the train whistles!
My men!
 Holding his bottle by himself for the first time! He doesn't do it all the time and the picture was probably a fluke but it was kind of nice while lasted!

Apparently the box was a lot more fun than his toys...

He's my happy, smiley boy...I love it!

These 2 are from when we went to Tony's Grove up the canyon. It was in the middle of Berick's nap time so he was a little fussy but I love his little sweater :)

These 3 are from when we went camping! It was a lot of fun and as you can see Berick liked it! He slept in a little tote next to us and stayed nice and warm the whole night. He woke up a little earlier than usual but it was ok :)

This is just a funny one of Berick :) Kenyon like to play with him sometimes when we dress him.

So basically we've been super busy this summer but we loved every minute of it :) Kenyon and I are both tackling school and enjoying watching our baby boy grow and learn! Sorry it took so long to post!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4 Months!

Ok so I realize I've been quite the slacker with blogging but to be honest I'm just trying to enjoy the summer with the babe before I start throwing school into the mix! We've been keeping busy with going to the fair (twice), family events, and being with friends! I don't have pics for this post but I'm going to include some in the next which I promise will not take nearly as long to post :) As of August 20th Berick turned 4 months old! He's getting so big and I love him more and more everyday!

-Weight: 13.5 lbs
-Length: 24 inches
-Head Size: I don't remember the exact measurement but he's now in the 36th percentile for his head :)

He is learning so much these days! He giggles now and it completely melts me! He's a little stinker though because from day to day the things that make him giggle change but I guess that just makes each time he does it more special :) He's still hanging out in 3 month clothes but that's just fine with me! He really likes to cuddle with this fuzzy, green blanket that we have and he really loves to go swimming! He just floats around with me holding him and takes it all in! Each month that passes I can't believe how much he's grown. I just keep thanking Heavenly Father for the blessing that he's given me. I love Berick more than I have ever loved anything in my life. Don't get me wrong I love Kenyon and my family but the love for your child is just amazing!

Well in closing just wanted to say thanks to the people who read my blog! I think I might be switching to a different blogging website though of something because for some reason blogger is acting so bizzarre on my computer! We'll see if I can figure it out! Stay tuned for the next post with pics!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 Months

Our litte man is growing so fast! We've been keeping him busy this summer! I didn't post all of my pics because blogger drives me nuts with uploading but if you want to see them all just go to my facebook page :) We've been so busy with traveling, seeing family, and just enjoying the summer! Berick is learning and growing and doing new things and SMILING all the time! I just love it and I love him! Here are a few of my favorite pics! I'll post more next month when I have some stats on him. He is however getting quite long! Love him to pieces and thoroughly enjoy seeing his personality come out! I try to thank Heavenly Father everyday for the great blessing he's given Kenyon and I.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 Months :)

June 20th Berick turned 2 months old! He's getting so big! I posted a bunch of pics on facebook and will put 1 on here but if you want to see the rest just go to facebook :) At any rate, Berick is learning and doing something new every week it seems! He's finally on a schedule and is sleeping pretty much through the night! He smiles ALL the time now and I LOVE IT! I'm very biased but I think he's got the cutest smile in the world! Every time he smiles at me it validates the reasons I became a parent :) At 2 months Berick weighs a little over 10 lbs and is 22.5 inches long! He's skinny everywhere except for his THUNDER THIGHS! I love 'em! He loves smiling, eating, being cool (temp. wise) and having a good poop! He dislikes super cold things, not getting fed when he wants it, being bored, and having his diaper changed! I'm still very much in love with him and can't wait to see what the next months hold for him :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

1 Month of Love

Our little Bean is officially 1 month old! Well he turned one month on the 20th but I wanted to make sure I had plenty of pics to post! This past month I won't say has been easy but its been rewarding and Kenyon and I are very much in love with this little man! Here are some stats for Berick at 1 month:

  • Weight: 9lbs 2oz

  • Height/Length: 20.5 inches

  • We don't know the exact measurement but his head size is in the 10th percentile! Although he has a tiny head, he doesn't have a tiny brain!

Here are pics from the last month of our little Bear!

I could kiss these cheeks all day!...and I do!

A little smile for Grandma Nina

These next few are of him sleeping which isn't all that interesting but I think his hands are hilarious! He never really relaxes them!

For this one he's actually grabbing on to the blanket!

These next ones are of him nakey 'cause I think he's so dang cute when he's naked! I'm going to embarass the crap out of him when he's older and tell girls how cute his bum was!

It still seems surreal to me that this little man is mine but I'm so grateful that he's here! He's starting to smile more which I LOVE! I get about 1-2 good smiles a day! They melt my heart! His likes and dislikes are about the same as previously posted. We've figured out the formula situation for the most part. I think we've come to the conclusion that our little guy has a milk allergy so we've got him on a formula that is milk free! I can't believe a whole month has gone by since we had him! He's a sweet boy when the gas isn't bothering him and even then, he's cute! I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for giving Kenyon and I this blessing and for giving us the patience through the frustrating times. I'm also grateful for Kenyon. He can see when I'm at a breaking point and takes over and is constantly telling me I look good even though I certainly don't feel it yet. I'm excited to see what kind of personality Berick ends up with but if now is any indication, we're going to have a fiesty one on our hands!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Due Date

Well today (May 10th 2011) was my estimated due date for the babe seen below! It'll have been 3 weeks tomorrow that he's been in our lives! I can't believe that Heavenly Father has trusted Kenyon and I to raise this precious little guy and teach him the gospel. Someone asked me if I felt a lot of responsibility and if I was nervous and I said no. I mean there is a lot of responsibility but as long as Kenyon and I are living the gospel then it'll be easy to teach him! In lew of today being Berick's intended birthday I'll highlight some things about him!I like this picture 'cause I think Berick has the cutest little head! He just looks like a little bean to me!

At 3 Weeks Berick Likes:

  • Eating

  • Being Warm

  • Pooping: how can I tell you ask? Well everytime he's done grunting he just has this relaxed look on his face :)

  • His binky

  • Fluffy warm blankets

  • From time to time he enjoys cuddling and sleeping on mine or Kenyon's chest :)

At 3 Weeks Berick Dislikes:

  • Being cold: this includes coming out of the bath, wipes, and being naked

  • Being burped

  • Hiccups

  • Not getting food as soon as he wants it

  • Painful gas

I won't lie and say parenthood has been a breeze and I've totally gotten the hang of it. I will say that there are moments in the middle of the night when I'm frustrated and tired and he's being fussy when he will all of a sudden calm down and smile at me. It brings everything into perspective. Its only been 3 weeks but I couldn't imagine our lives without this little guy. I love him so much and hope he can feel that love! In closing I'm posting a video of Berick doing some tummy time! Some may think its boring but I think its cute!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hospital Visit

Well Berick has certainly not been a boring baby! Since Sunday we've been at the hospital with him! It was scary at first and now we're glad to be home. It all started last week when Kenyon had a sore throat. We didn't think much of it at the time...
Sunday during the day the little man was acting a little off so that night we checked his temp. and it was at 101.1 which is high for a newborn and can be very serious. So we went into the emergency room and they proceed to tell us all of the tests they were going to do on him. I proceed to start crying because they were going to have to catheterize him to get a urine sample, do a spinal tap type thing to get spinal fluid and then draw blood. They do all these tests and then send us upstairs to stay the night in the NICU. Poor baby slept hard that night (don't worry he had IV fluids so he didn't really want to eat) and was fussy 'cause he kept getting poked. All of the tests came out well but we had to wait on the results for the viral test. They gave him antibiotics and Tuesday night his viral cultures came back negative for everything but because they were negative, they didn't know exactly what the problem was so they continued the antibiotics. This morning they told us that Berick has a viral sore throat that he most likely got from Kenyon. He's doing fine now that he's home and I think he's a lot more comfortable. We've been blessed to have amazing nurses who cared for us and to have family that is willing to help and lend support. I know a sore throat doesn't sound super serious but when your baby is all hooked up to things and is upset from testing and such, your heart just breaks. Kenyon's brother and brother in law came up the other night to help give Berick a blessing and it was a very spiritual experience. We're grateful for the gospel in our life and that we have the Big Guy Upstairs to watch over us and our family. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well as some may know and others may not know, I never made it to May 10th :) Berick Vern Petersen was born April 20th at 8:40 pm weighing 7lbs 10 oz and 18.5 inches long. This little man has totally changed out lives. My labor and delivery story isn't a long one but here it goes.
On Monday the 18th I went in to the doctor's office for a regular check up. They checked me and I was only at a 1.4 and 60 % effaced but everything looked great! I was due to come in the next week for another check. That night I had some slight contractions but nothing too worrisome until the next morning. I woke up to some bleeding and went in to the hospital to get hooked up to the monitors and checked. I was still only at a 1.5 after a few hours but let's just say I think them "checking" my dialation may have jump started things because that night and into the morning I was having some rough contractions that I just couldn't sleep through. Kenyon stayed home with me that day and that afternoon we decided if I'm going to have contractions like this then we better get things moving so we went for a walk around aggie village and that did the trick!
After our walk we went to the hospital and after I was admitted they checked me yet again and I was at a 3.5 which was music to my ears! After an hour I went to a 4.5 so we got to stay! We informed the masses that we'd be having the baby that night and began to get things together! I had no intentions of going natural with this one (this detail will come in to play later) so I got set up with my epidural! Funny thing is while they were giving it to me something went crazy in my spine and I ended up basically kicking Kenyon in the junk! Luckily it was merely a graze and he made it through!
Another hour goes by and I'm at a 6 and then 2 hours later I'm at a 10! The 2 things that were bothering me were uncontrolable shaking and the fact that my epidural was wearing off! I could feel all the contractions right in my pelvis and let's just say, baby was ready to come out!
I pushed for 40 minutes and he was here! I ended up sort of having a natural birth. It was worth it though because as soon as I saw the little man I burst into tears. I looked up at Kenyon and he had tears in his eyes as well. I felt so blessed to have such an incredible family!
Here's Berick! I have no idea where those cheeks came from but I love kissing them!Here is my AMAZING husband who I also can't believe I've been so blessed to have him in my life. I've never felt so close to someone in my life. He has been so insanely helpful and I love him more than ever. During the delivery he was great support! He kept saying "Yeah keep going babe, I can see the head" and I could just see the excitement in his eyes as I was pushing. Later he told me that watching me push made his love for me intensify because he saw how much pain I was in and how hard I was working to get the baby here. After delivery I was in a lot of pain (as I'm sure all women are after having a baby!) and Kenyon was there by my side through everything. He helped me while I was crying for nothing or when I was hobbling around the room. He made sure I had everything I needed and even changed all the diapers! It came time the next day for me to shower and you better believe he was in there helping me. He cleaned me up and didn't once complain that it was gross or anything. He literally has helped me so much and I hope he knows how much I truly love him.
Here we are ready to go home. It was hard leaving the hospital because the nurses there are so wonderful! I wish here at home I could just push a button and have one of them come in. Now that we are home I feel so grateful to have love and support from my family and friends. I've had some struggles and I'm still trying to work through them. I'm attempting to breast feed but I just don't have enough milk! He's still hungry after I feed him so I've had to supplement with formula. It was a hard decision but we made it and I'm happy with it.
No one prepares you for how hard being a parent is in the beginning. With these crazy hormones I've cried everyday since we've come home. I'm lucky I have a husband like Kenyon because he just holds me and works through things with me. I want to be a good mom to this baby because he's only a week old but I'd give up anything and everything for him. I think of the man he's going to be one day and I just cry because whatever happens in his life I'm going to love him.
To wrap up this post I must mention how much Heavenly Father has influenced my life. I pray to him everyday now that I'm making the right decisions for Berick. I feel his love for me even more now that he's sent this little one for Kenyon and I to care for and teach the gospel to. Yesterday as Berick was having one of his awake periods he was just staring at me so I sang to him so hymns and began crying. It amazes me that Heavenly Father trusts us with these tiny creatures. I know I have a rough road ahead of me but there will be plenty of wonderful moments in store. Thanks for reading and for all your support :)