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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, December 31, 2010


Well its a new year and I find myself to be pretty excited yet nervous for the events to come. I wanted to start this post with listing major things that happened in 2010:

January: got pregnant
February: took out my endowments in the Jordan River Temple and had a great experience
March: devastated by loss of baby. Although this was one of the toughest things myself and Kenyon had ever been through, we learned a lot and grew closer as a couple. At first I couldn't see it but blessings did come from the loss.
May: began working in Ketchikan, AK. (an experience and blogpost all in itself); also celebrated our 1 year anniversary with Kenyon!
June: finally hit my 20's!
September: got pregnant!
October: returned to Utah and visited AZ; Baby Petersen got its due date! May 10th 2011
November: traveled the country to visit my family. Kenyon and I became even closer during this time because we talked about anything and everything on the long drive!
December: found out Baby Petersen is a boy and has a 100% clean bill of health, moved into our new apartment, and celebrated Christmas with Kenyon's family for the 1st time since we've been together

We've had a pretty busy year filled with ups and downs but overall it was an amazing learning experience. Kenyon and I grew as a couple and I think are making steps towards being ready for our little man to come in May. There were times throughout the year when I couldn't see the blessings in my life but looking back there were many. God does things on his time and in his way which may not be the most convinient for us at the time but He knows that in the long run it is the best.

I'm looking forward to 2011. This year I'll have Baby Petersen, celebrate 2 years of marriage to my best friend and turn 21. I'm ready to take on motherhood and hopefully succeed! I know there will be challenges with what comes this year but with the Lord's help and that of Kenyon and my family, I'll get through them. Thanks for all those who have read my blog and stayed interested! Happy New Year to all!

Stay tuned for my next post that will hopefully include a bumpy bump and ultrasound pic!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's a...

Well Wednesday we had our 20 week ultrasound and discovered we're having a BOY! I'm so excited! I totally knew from the beginning that he was a boy! All of the old wives tales and gender calender predictors were correct! He wasn't shy at all about showing his man parts! We feel very blessed that we've come this far in the pregnancy and that he's healthy! He's got a brain (thank goodness) and his heart is great and I couldn't be happier! We celebrated Christmas morning by opening presents with my mom and stepdad Lee via webcam which was great and then we'll have dinner tonight with the fam. here in Riverton and celebrate my brother-in-laws b-day!

I love Christmas and the sense of family that we get. I'm grateful for all of mine and the friends I have as well. I'm grateful that Christ was born (not actually in December but whatevs) and gave the greatest sacrifice for us. I hope Kenyon and I can teach our little boy the true meaning of Christmas throughout the years and the amazing gift Christ was and gave us. Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Travels and The Bump!

Ok I'm sorry its taken so long but I didn't want to do a post per day so here is a picture post of our travels and a picture of my emerging belly!

As a little outline: we started in Denver, CO, then to Newton, IL to stay with my Nana for 3 weeks until right after Thanksgiving. We then traveled to Jackson, MS to see my Grandma on my mom's side, then to New Orleans, LA to see my dad and that side of the family, then to Phoenix for our niece's baby blessing. This is the documentation!

This is a baby white squirrel...why is it cool you ask: because you can only find them naturally thriving in the wild in a few areas of the world and Olney, IL is one of them!
Here is my handsome husband hanging out in the woods in IL.

Kenyon and I at that same park!

Our Thanksgiving feast! I made sure to take a nausea pill early in the day so I can enjoy it all...I made the green bean casserole!
This is my Nana and Pepaw and their dog Bubbles! We had the pleasure of staying with them for 3 weeks!

This is my Grandma Jean who we stayed with in Mississippi for a few nights. (My mom's mother)

Here is my dad and me! He made us dinner while we were there and it was quite delicious!

Its me and my childhood pet Roxie! I think she's the cutest thing!...Kenyon thinks she's annoying.

These next 4 are from when we were in New Orleans. The delicious fried treat seen below are called beignets...they're divine! The other 2 are from this clown sir that accosted us and made us get pictures with him!

These next 2 are from a park my parents used to take me to when we lived in Abita Springs, LA. It was fun to see it again!
If my teeth look green its because I had a delicious green spearmint snowball whilst in New Orleans a few hours before!

A nice sunset.

We also went through Texas and saw some family there and to Phoenix but I'll post those pictures at a later date! Thanks for reading this far! Last here is a picture of my "bump". I would have been 16 weeks 6 days! I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow and can feel the little one everyday. Kenyon and I have been so blessed and I'm thankful we've had this experience to spend time with family!
Its not much but its getting bigger by the week!

Hopefully our next post will be the big baby gender post!