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Monday, June 18, 2012

My Thoughts

I generally keep this blog pretty neutral including mainly posts about our life and of course pictures of the Bean :) However I've got a lot of thoughts on various things that come and go. For those that know me, you know I'm an opinionated person and if asked I'll tell it strait and let you know how I really feel about a subject. Being a housewife and having a hubby who is in school and works full time, I'm not allotted many opportunities to discuss said opinions. Granted Berick will listen intently for about a minute but then becomes enamored with things entirely more interesting like a graham cracker crumb or fitting a car into a space its clearly not destined for. Will all of that being said, I think I'm going to start putting some of my opinions or thoughts here in this blog from time to time. Of course I'll most likely touch upon subjects that are seen as taboo mainly because putting your opinion out there on them is frowned upon unless its the opinion of the media masses but to be honest I don't care :) It seems as though in this day and age if you go against the media stream then you're a radical...well call me a radical then! Now for those of you who follow my blog, have no fear! I won't be ranting with every post and I will still be posting many pics of my Nugget but blogs are a way of expressing oneself so gosh darn it I'm going to do it!

To start off these random rant posts I'd like to take a stand on a subject I'm EXTREMELY passionate about. Before I go into it I'd like to say that the opinions I post are those that I have at this current time. It doesn't mean they aren't up for discussion or will never change but right now, this is it!

Women's Rights: here we go! In case you haven't already established my gender: I'm a woman! I love being a woman and take pride in the fact that my gender has come an awfully long way in this country. I say country because there are many places in this world where women are second class citizens and that's terrible. However this is not a rant about those women. Women here in America are spunky, strong, and full of life! Full of life in a few senses of the word. That's right folks I'm going to throw it out here how I feel about women's rights when they pertain to having children. Being a woman I'm proud of the fact that I can have children and feel so blessed that I so far have not had issues with that. Being pregnant was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Every milestone I reached with Berick was so rewarding and when he finally got here words can't express all the ways it changed my life. That being said I greatly appreciate my rights to become pregnant and have as many children as I want. Here's where the controversy of my opinion comes in: once a baby is conceived that baby is a human being no matter what stage it is. To me my right to choose is taken away when a HUMAN BEING is growing in my body. As a human I have all the rights this country has to offer and so should my unborn child. Up until the baby comes out its not considered illegal to kill it but as soon as it enters that delivery room, I know longer have the right to takes its life. That makes NO sense to me. That baby moves and exists in me for give or take 9 months and is very much alive! In cases of rape or incest or what have you I can understand abortion but other than that I don't find it to be a viable option. There are SO MANY wonderful people in this world who for one reason or another cannot have children and there only option is adoption. Give that HUMAN BEING to loving parents instead of ending its life. Babies are so precious regardless of if they are in or out of the womb and they deserved to be loved no matter who ends up being the parent.

That's it for the topic however its not cut and dry like some other issues may be so I will most likely talk about it again. I realize many people don't like what I've just said but again this is what I believe and currently I'm entitled to it! If you're still reading I applaud you for looking at a viewpoint regardless of if its yours or not! Next post I promise to be light and include some fun stuff about Berick who currently is battling a sinus infection :(

Thanks loyal readers for hanging in there and listening! Until next time...