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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ok so sometimes lately I just don't feel like blogging and after our trip I REALLY just didn't feel like it! I actually needed a vacation from my vacation so I've enjoyed just relaxing! All the pics I put up of the trip are on facebook so if you haven't seen them already or aren't friends with me on facebook just friend me and have a look :)

There really hasn't been too much to report as of recent. Kenyon started his last year of school which we are totally excited/terrified for! We've only been together in school so being out of school will be very weird but I'm wicked proud of my guy to be graduating! I'm just so proud of him for sticking with it even when he felt like quitting! He's been doing school full time and then work in between so the weekends are nice when we get to see him but its only temporary :)

As for my crazy little toddler man Berick, he's doing just fine! He has 10 teeth now which makes his smile pretty cute! My favorite part about his smile is that his top front teeth are growing in with a gap in between which might look goofy when he's older but for now it gives him so much character! Other than his teeth he is just chugging along and soaking up knoweledge like a sponge! He says some words now and here's a little list and sounds to accompany:
  • Banana: na-na
  • Shoes: shssss (sometimes it sounds like he is saying shiz but I know what he means is shoes)
  • Mom: mama or maaaaa if he's trying to blow a spit bubble
  • Dad: da
  • Fishies: fshhsss (I know that may not make sense but he will make that sound when he wants goldfish crackers and when he sees fish on Finding Nemo)
  • Nemo: 'mo
  • Go: go
Now he is also good at 2 signs that we have taught him which are "more" and "all done". I think if he would learn fast if we taught him more signs but just those 2 have bridged the communication gap immensly.

Along with words he can also tell you what various creatures and things "say" such as:
  • Lion: he roars/kind of growls
  • Snake: ssssssssss
  • Doggie: woo woo
  • Cat: meaaaaaa (its a working progress)
  • Car: vroom vroom
He is also pretty funny. When asked to laugh he'll do this really sarcastic, wide mouthed laugh and then when you ask him to be sad he will squint his eyes and do a sad face. Its pretty funny.

Other than the previously mentioned stuff he's pretty normal. I have discovered that having a toddler can be very frustrating but insanely rewarding at the same time. He now gives kisses (mostly to me) and can be very affectionate. He loves to sit in your lap and be read to. I love me little guy and am amazed by the things he does everyday, both good and bad.

As for me I'm just taking life as if comes. I was called to primary last month and that has been crazy awesome! I teach 5-6 year olds. Last Sunday was the first one that has been frustrating for me and I'm sure I'll have more but mostly I enjoy the kids. They say the greatest things sometimes. We also just got cable today so I'm pretty stoked about that! I made my first wreath last month which perhaps I'll blog about in the near future. It actually turned out pretty well! Other than that stuff I'm pretty excited for fall! Its my favorite season because I can start wearing jackets and sweaters but still warm enough that I won't have to bundle Berick up like a burritto to go play outside!

That's it for now folks! Next time I PROMISE I'll do pics on my blog! Thanks for reading :)