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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things to Come...

I realize that there's been a big lack of posting and pictures from me but have no fear! Once we get to Arizona I plan to make a very big picture post that shows the travels and my emerging baby bump! Thanks for still checking in from time to time, for those of you who do!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Past Few Weeks (W/Pictures!)

Ok so I finally have some pictures and some exciting things to blog about! First off I'll start with our Halloween festivities! The weekend before Halloween we went with my sister-in-law and her husband and 2 boys to the Pumpkin Walk in Logan...we had a blast and here are some pics!

Here is our nephew Isaac! He and his brother Alex couldn't get enough of putting their faces through the little picture holes!

Here is little Alex! He's a character! It was fun hanging out with these guys!

Next for Halloween we went to Layton for Trunk or Treats at Kenyon's brother's and sister's wards with their families and a few others came up! Here is Kenyon's brother and his wife and their 2 cute little girls!

We carved pumpkins that night with some friends and for my first carving job I think I did pretty well! This top one was mine and the one below is Kenyon's!
We were Salt and Pepper Shakers but we don't have a picture of that yet! I also made these little hot dog mummies for fun and they turned out great! This is what they looked like:
The cheese on the bottom went a little crazy but I felt quite proud of my little project, especially 'cause I'm not what some people like to call crafty!

Lastly, as most know Kenyon and I have embarked on quite the trip! We're currently in Newton, IL enjoying my Nana's hospitality. We left Logan on Thursday the 4th of this month and hit up Denver for a few nights then drove the next day and spent the night in Kansas City, MO and we arrived here in Newton on Sunday! It's been a long trip and it'll be nice to relax for a while! These next few are pics of the trip!
A beautiful sunset at one of the over looks in Denver. This is a gorgeous state!

A shot of the mountains...awesome!
Lastly we went to Independence, MO and were hoping to go to the visitors center but it didn't open for another hour and we needed to jet so instead we listen to the Nashville Tribute to Joseph Smith and took a picture of the crazy looking RLDS temple...I think I like our better ;) .

I realize there are no pictures of Kenyon or I but have no fear we will take some whilst in Newton and on our adventures! On a final note we had our 2nd ultrasound and the baby is doing great! We didn't get an ultrasound but we did hear the heart beat and its at 152 which is awesome! We find out, as my dad puts it "if this apple has a stem" (gender) on December 22nd so we're pretty pumped! Should be an awesome Christmas gift! If you've read this far on my post, thanks for listening and being interested and I promise more pictures in the coming weeks!