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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unsetting the Alarm

Well as previously mentioned in a previous post, Mr. B is turning 1 next month and he is just growing and learning so much! I won't post about it all right now because I want to save that for his 1 year post! However yesterday we reached another little milestone that made me cry.

As parents Kenyon and I follow Babywise and LOVE it. It has helped us so much with getting Berick on a schedule and without it things would not be as good for us! (Just to add quick we don't judge anyone who doesn't use it, we just happen to think its pretty neat and know that there are plenty of other ways to raise a baby.) Anyway part of the scheduling is to choose a start time for the day from the very beginning. We chose 7. So at 7 every morning since around 6 weeks we get Berick up and then base his schedule around that for the rest of the day. Berick has reached the point where he can now sleep until whenever and we just adjust around that. Well last night for the first time since Berick was 6 weeks old I turned my alarm off.

Now one would think: "wow Jeannette was it really that much of a distress to turn your alarm off? Wouldn't it be awesome for your baby to sleep in?" Well curious blog reader it was a big deal to me. The schedule had brought so much structure and relief to my life. As soon as we got Berick going on Babywise, life became so much easier with a baby. If you thought I had a super easy time adjusting to being a mom then feel free to read my posts from April of last year :) At any rate as I went to turn the alarm off I just got tears in my eyes because my baby is growing. Which is wonderful but I'll never get to relive those newborn moments with him. He's such a big boy now and I love him so much and I just hope he knows how much I love him.

So for me turning off my alarm was a big thing and I wanted to document how I cried for it. Tune in next month for one of the cutest, picture filled posts you'll read from here! Thanks for reading about my emotions :) And to reward you here is a little Berick gem:
Trying to shove this entire cookie in his mouth that he got from the bakery!

Spring Break AZ...Again!

So basically we've been going to Arizona for spring break for like the past 2 years and figured we might as well keep up that tradition! We LOVED it! Kenyon needed a vacation so badly! The weather was amazing and we always have fun with Brian and Beth and their little family. The drive their was pretty uneventful and we split it up into 2 days. The first night we went from Logan to Cedar City and stayed with our friends Kevin and Casey! It was a double bonus because our friends Cassie and Mike with Jensen had stayed the night before and stuck around to see us and have dinner! Both families have boys who are a few months older than Berick but it was way cute to see them all together! The next day was way short! We left at 4 am and got to Gilbert around noon. Berick stayed happy most of the time and enjoyed his new portable DVD player in the car! He looked like this whilst watching:
He watched Cars and LOVED it! He's a fan of those movies.
We relaxed and enjoyed the weather while we were there! I forgot how cute Berick is in shorts! We also did some shopping and just had fun! We were really not looking forward to coming home because while we were gone in UT there was great weather but upon our return a snow storm decided to show up! Oh well, apparently good weather is to come! Here are some pics from our adventure:
He LOVED Brian and Beth's bathtub! It was a nice round one and he would get up and walk around it!

Just eating some chex. I thought he had  cute face in this one :)

I made these blocks for Berick while there! I just love them and hope to do something like this for all of our kids :)

Here are my 2 handsome guys! I love them both so much!

Here's Berick playing outside. I had to give him the car to get him to look up!

All the other men got to take their shirt off including Brannon so I didn't want Berick to feel left out!

Brian had the funny idea to put him on the tramp nakey with the sprinkler going. He liked the nakey part but not the cold water on his bits part :)

Here's my handsome boy at Denny's on our drive home. I just love those jammies! Only $7 in AZ!
We look forward to going to AZ again soon! Now that we're back we've got lots of fun things coming up! Berick turned 11 months old yesterday! I can't believe it! I'll do a big post next month when he turns 1 that will be all about Berick! Other than that Kenyon gets to start landscaping as soon as he's feeling better which he is sooooo pumped for! He was not a fan of his HVAC job. We're looking forward to summer and seeing what it brings to us! We're no longer getting a modular/mobile home and instead will be looking into cheaper apartments but if we can't find one then we'll just stick to Aggie Village! Thanks for reading! I'll be posting again at the end of the week for my take on The Hunger Games which I'm so jazzed to go see Friday!