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Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's and President's Day Weekend!

Ok so this post is basically about Valentine's Day and the weekend after! For Valentine's Day this year Kenyon had the work literally all day the Saturday before and had work and school on the actual day so we opted to wait until the next weekend to do anything special. I left it up to Kenyon to plan because well I think if the man doesn't care about getting anything then he can plan something nice! So on Valentine's Day we kept it simple and I made him a delicious chocolate trifle (insanely easy) and he got me a card and some chocolate covered cookie dough pieces and a stuffed animal dog! Also that morning he surprised me and brought me 2 roses in between classes. That night we went to a dinner put on by our housing department where Kenyon through shear luck ended up serenading me. (Its a funny story but I'm just too tired to type it all out but ask me about it if you're interested!)

This brings us to the next weekend or President's Day weekend. Friday we headed down to Riverton after Kenyon got out of class. We had dinner with some friends of mine (which was great seeing them), played games with some other friends, and just relaxed. Then Saturday Kenyon changed the oil in both our car and my mother in law's car. We went to lunch at Taco Time, went and saw Little Fockers, and had a surprise came night for me with yet another group of friends! I was quite pleased with the way the day had turned out. That Sunday we went the church then had dinner with family. I was thinking that we would just have a quiet Sunday afternoon but Kenyon had other plans :)...

Around 3:3o Kenyon gets a phone call from his boss in Logan saying that one of the bus drivers was doing a charter in Salt Lake but had fallen ill and they needed someone to drive the bus back up to Logan. Kenyon without consulting me volunteered for the job which meant we'd be leaving within a half hour and that I would be driving up to Logan following the bus in our car. The reason why I wasn't thrilled about this prospect was A. I'm in the 3rd trimester and have to pee ALL the time, B. I HATE driving in downtown Salt Lake and although the grid system is supposed to be crazy easy, I still find it difficult to navigate, and C. I was looking forward to spending the rest of our 3 day weekend in Riverton spending time with family. SO I grudgingly get in the car on the verge of tears 'cause I'm hormonal and we head into downtown Salt Lake to meet the afflicted bus driver at a hotel. NOW I should have seen all the little signs to what happens next but I was too busy being in a pissy mood to notice! We pull into the Sheraton Hotel and I wait in the car as Kenyon goes to "check on the bus driver". He comes back to the car and we pull out only to park in the hotel parking lot! Kenyon booked us a night at the Sheraton! It was awesome! He loves to surprise me with stuff like that and has a very good poker face! That night we had appetizers and dessert in the hotel restaurant and slept on a nice KING size bed with down pillows and blankets. This morning we got breakfast and met up with my sister-in-law to get some fabric for the car seat cover I'm making for Baby Petersen. NOW we're home and relaxing 'cause I'm tired! It was a great weekend and as a reward for reading down this far here are some pics from the weekend PLUS a belly shot!

Here are 2 pics of our super comfy room on the 8th floor!

Here's my handsome hubby enjoying his skillet at Denny's!

I myself had the French Toast Slam! It was quite good!

Last but not least here's me at 28 1/2 weeks! Sorry if the picture looks wonky...blogger is annoying the crap out of my with picture posting...I need to figure out a new method. ANYWAY I've reached the 3rd trimester (as previously mentioned) both week wise and month wise. For those who don't understand that last statement the weeks and months during pregnancy don't match up completely. My nausea has OFFICIALLY gone away and now I'm just steadily getting rounder! Baby Petersen as far as we know is doing just fine! We'll get to see him via ultrasound on March 11th! Hopefully we'll get another CD of pics and I could post one on here. Well thanks for reading this wicked long post! I'm off to take a nap or eat...did I mention I'm RAVENOUS these days! Must be the half pound that the baby gains a week now ;)