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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, September 16, 2011

End of Summer

 So these pictures below are from the fair over the summer! We had so much fun that we went twice! I think Berick enjoyed walking around but as you can see to the left here he got a little sleepy :)

 Here's a cute baby cow! I wanted to lay Berick next to it but I was worried it would get up and step on him.

 These pigs I thought were cute because they were cuddling :)

He is quite kissable!

   Here I am at the Train Festival thing in Brigham City. Berick liked watching the trains but was not a huge fan of the train whistles!
My men!
 Holding his bottle by himself for the first time! He doesn't do it all the time and the picture was probably a fluke but it was kind of nice while lasted!

Apparently the box was a lot more fun than his toys...

He's my happy, smiley boy...I love it!

These 2 are from when we went to Tony's Grove up the canyon. It was in the middle of Berick's nap time so he was a little fussy but I love his little sweater :)

These 3 are from when we went camping! It was a lot of fun and as you can see Berick liked it! He slept in a little tote next to us and stayed nice and warm the whole night. He woke up a little earlier than usual but it was ok :)

This is just a funny one of Berick :) Kenyon like to play with him sometimes when we dress him.

So basically we've been super busy this summer but we loved every minute of it :) Kenyon and I are both tackling school and enjoying watching our baby boy grow and learn! Sorry it took so long to post!