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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things Happening in Our Life!

Well there won't be any pictures in this one either 'cause I keep forgetting to bust out the camera but I've got some fun things to post about!

This past week we spent time in Arizona with Kenyon's brother's family! It was a blast! We took our nephew Brandon with us and had lots of fun adventures! Brian and Beth (Brian is Kenyon's older brother) have a 3 week old baby named Jessie who is adorable and I got to help out a lot with her! This was great because I don't have a lot of experience with little babies but Beth was awesome and let me hold her and bath her and what not! We also went to the AZ state fair which would have been fun except it was BOILING HOT! Kenyon wants to move down there but I just can't live there with that heat! I'm a cool weather kind of girl! It was nice to relax and at one point we went to a pool and went to dinner a few times. All in all it was an awesome trip and we wish we could have stayed longer!

The pregnancy is going really well as far as I know! This week the baby is the size of a fig! It's not that big but I'm still excited about it! The morning/all day sickness has gotten a little worse but only a few more weeks and I'll be through the first trimester and perhaps it'll go away?...wishful thinking! Our next appointment will be at 14 weeks and is November 4th so it'll be nice to see our litte creature again!

We're leaving for IL shortly after the appointment to visit my Nana for the month of November. It should be a ton of fun! I promise I will start making an effort to bring my camera and take pictures! Thanks for listening!

P.S I totally love October and am in need of someone to watch scary movies with!

Friday, October 1, 2010

We're having a baby!

It seems like old news now but for those who haven't been kept up to speed: I'm pregnant! I'm pretty excited but nervous at the same time. I got a little teary eyed when we went to the appointment last week just because I was so amazed at this little life growing inside me! For all those moms out there I'm sure you had the same feeling. One of the first questions I asked upon seeing the heartbeat was if it was a good heart beat and the doctor replied "its a great heart beat". I feel so blessed right now that Heavenly Father is trusting me to care for one of his children. People keep asking me what I want to have and honestly I just want it to come to term and be born healthy! For those not in that loop, I miscarried in March and am really hoping this baby sticks around for the long run!

Kenyon has changed a little bit this time around. He tells me how much he loves me everyday, a couple times a day. Right now although I'm not big, but I've already started gaining weight and I feel like a heffer! Kenyon on a daily basis tells me how beautiful I am and that I don't look fat at all! I've felt pretty sick this time around as well (which they tell me is a good thing) and Kenyon is always right there to make sure I'm ok or get me whatever I need. He's an amazing guy and I feel so blessed to have him for eternity

Oh! I almost forgot! For those who didn't know, Kenyon and I were sealed this past Saturday at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple! Kenyon surprised me by taking my wedding band and engraving it with "Forever 10/25/10". He's so cute! It was an amazing experience! The spirit is just so strong in the Temple and I hope I remain worthy for a Temple recommend all my life.

Well this post has been long enough without any pictures! Next time perhaps I'll figure out a way to scan the ultrasound so all can see our little creature! The next appointment is November 4th! It seems so far away! I also want to thank all my friends who are mothers who've helped me through all my fears. Trust me they're still there but just a little subdued!