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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happenings in Our World!

Ever since Berick's birthday we've been way busy around here! We love being busy in the summer and the age Berick is at is so fun! He keeps me going that's for sure!

Kenyon finished classes just in time to start another one! He's happy though because this will be his last math class of his college career! The hours are kind of crappy though. He works from 7-4 then comes home for a snack and on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday he goes to math from 5:15 to 7:45. Its not as hard on my but poor Berick only sees his Dad for 15 minutes on those days! We certainly value our time with him! Luckily the class is only for 7 weeks so come mid-June he'll be all done!

In other more cheerful news: We're moving out of Aggie Village! Huzzah! We're moving into a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhome style apartment! We're super pumped! Berick will have his own room and Kenyon and I will have a master bedroom/master bathroom! I feel so fancy for that one fact :) We've had good times in Aggie Village and will miss it for the fact that this is where we became a family of 3 and where Berick spent his first year of life but we're excited for more space even if it means no cable for a while...

I myself have just been busy chasing Berick around and adjusting to having basically a toddler! Berick keeps me going all day but I know some tricks to keep him occupied! We've been having a great summer with play dates and meeting up with friends and of course SNO CONES! Sno cones kept me sane last summer and are a delightful treat for us this summer! Kenyon is working his buns off but we hope to go camping and be outside a lot this summer! In August we're going on a trip to Oregon to see my mom and stepdad get sealed in the Portland Temple! We're so happy for them! It'll be fun to go back :)

Remember how I talked about those tricks to keep Berick occupied? Well they include going to the park, bath time, play dates, and essentially being outside! Here are some pics from some of our fun adventures!

These couple of pics are from a couple weeks ago when I got to meet up with some fun friends and take Berick to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden! He loved exploring and discovering all of the little areas!
Looking through a window in a castle :)

He really liked this portion where he got to play with these 3 train tables

This was supposed to be Africa and apparently Berick thought it should be destroyed...

His favorite part was exploring the giant chess set!

One of my favorite pics!

These next few are from Instagram! I decided to try it out after my phone boycotted uploading pics to facebook :) I quite like it!
Learned how to pick his nose...

Texting his women

Unorganizing the Recycling

Playing with Dad in the fountains at City Creek :)

Playground fun with Dad
It makes me feel like I can take nice pics! Here's a random modge podge of pics with captions to explain :)
Happy boy in his Carseat
Right after his first oreo! Can you tell he loved it?
He absolutely loves playing with wood chips at the park!
Starting him early on Driver's Ed :)
Kenyon carrying him in a basket/a good pic of his hair before his FIRST haircut!
Home after his first haircut :) If you couldn't tell he cried the whole time and right after I took this pic he began crying again...he sure looks cute though!
Well that's what's going on in our life right now! We just stay busy and I'm really loving this age Berick is at right now. He's just a big bunch of fun! Learning so much and running around! Almost walking too! We look forward to more adventures for the summer and enjoying time with friends!