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Monday, October 31, 2011

6 Months and October Fun

This post was a little late but that's mainly because Berick's 6 month appointment was 6 days after he turned 6 months...ANYWAY!

Berick is a gigantic bundle of awesome and it keeps getting better! His stats go as follows:

  • Weight 16.4 lbs
  • Length/Height 26 1/2 inches
  • Head Size: he's now in the 31st percentile for head size so his noggin' is still little but that's ok!
At 6 months Berick can now officially sit up on his own! Its pretty stinkin' cute however he gets upset if he sits for too long...maybe it hurts his little abs?...He also likes:

  • talking to himself
  • fake coughing
  • playing with toys that aren't really toys ie. the box that we keep the toys in
  • being outside
  • cars and trains
  • anything he can shove in his mouth
  • baby fruits
  • examining things thoroughly like he's a scientist
  • blowing raspberries
  • breathing in and out really fast when he's excited which is generally accompanied by extreme leggy kicking
  • cuddling with mom
  • playing with dad: correction he LOVES dad! I swear this boy could be having the worst day and as soon as Kenyon walks through that door its all smiles on the Western front!
At 6 months Berick dislikes:

  • getting his arms put through the arm holes of clothes: when I do this he will try to squirm and scoot away
  • shots at the doctor
  • strangers and certain women: he's in the beginning stages of stranger anxiety where he gets scared and cries if someone he doesn't know holds him and for some reason certain females really get him upset
  • sitting up for too long because he can't figure out how to lay back down
  • too much tummy time
  • most baby veggies
  • not being put down when its nap time
This funny boy lights up my days and is learning so much! He's silly and sometimes whiny but I just can't get enough of him.

 The pics below are from Berick and I's time at the Pumpkin Walk here in Logan! It wasn't as good this year and Berick wasn't 100% interested but whatevs! Kenyon had to work but we have hopes he'll be with us next year!
My baby and me :)
He's really excited to be there...

Berick as some weird bunny candy man...

Nightmare Before Christmas

Despicable Me


Berick as Buzz

Saturday, October 15, 2011

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

I got the inspiration for this post from a friend with super cute twins :)...Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. As pretty much all of my blog followers and friends know, I myself had a miscarriage last year in March. It was probably one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing I've ever gone through. I won't go into detail but the gist of it was I was 8 weeks pregnant but the baby stopped developing at six weeks. We saw the baby on the ultrasound which was not a good idea because although we saw it, there was no heartbeat which coincidentally left me heart broken. In retrospect it brought Kenyon and I closer together and we learned how to get through tough times.

After that ordeal a few months later I got pregnant with Berick and its completely changed my life. The entire time I was terrified I would lost him but month after month he kept growing. When I first laid eyes on him and they placed him on my chest I started bawling because God had given us such a miracle. Now when I'm having a tough time with him or a sleepless night I just try to keep in mind how blessed we are to have him when other mothers out there are struggling or have gone through losses. A woman I know gave birth to her baby 2 months early that sweet spirit passed away a day later. I can't imagine what the family is going through but I know if they turn to the Lord he will see them through it.

I get so excited when I hear about my friends who are pregnant and pray that everything goes well. Heavenly Father entrusts us with these little miracles and its our job to raise them and love them. I thank God everyday for my little Bean and I love him so much. I know that Heavenly Father loves me because I can feel it when I think of how much love I have for Berick. Its so amazing the how instant the love is and how intense.

Berick, I love you with all my heart and am so grateful to Heavenly Father for him sending you to Kenyon and I. You light up my day every morning even if its early. Your little smile could turn my darkest days bright. You give everyday new meaning. Your laugh makes me cry because its just so precious and to see you with your dad puts everything into perspective. I pray that I will raise you right and with gospel standards. I one day hope to see you serve the Lord on a mission and then marry a sweet woman of your choosing in the Temple. Know that I will always love you and do literally anything to see you happy. You're my sweet, handsome guy and I love you with all of my heart and soul.

                                                                                                                 Love Always,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Soooo let's just say things in the Petersen home have been a little bit hectic lately. I'm not saying that things have been unbearable but for sure stressful at times. My dad has moved in with us for a bit while he gets things together to go to rehab here in Utah. Its been hard for a lot of different reasons but especially monetarily. Kenyon's hours have been less since he started school and we weren't sure how we were going to make ends meet especially with a certain baby boy whose formula costs almost $30.00 a can and goes through about a can a week. I was really starting to get worried because Kenyon was starting to get worried. Kenyon is the type to stress only when things really start getting bad.

So what does any faith based Latter Day Saint family do in times of trial and struggle?...pray, pay tithing, and turn to the Lord for guidance and strength. Needless to say we did just that and things have truly come together in ways such as:
  • We are still on medicaid so Berick's doctor visits are covered
  • WIC came through again so Berick's formula and baby food is covered
  • Food stamps came through again so we can buy plenty of food for ourselves (for the record we aren't people who believe on living off the government for life but we've been paying into the system since we were 13 so why not benefit from something we've put into for so long)
  • We've been healthy and haven't had any medical needs
  • Everything with my dad has for the most part worked out and come together (we prayed about him coming to live with us and got the revelation that it was the right thing)
  • And most recently and AWESOMELY Kenyon just got a new job that will compensate for the hours he lost when school started so we'll be able to get off food stamps quicker and pay our bills without feeling so stressed!
I know that there are many worse things that could be going on in our life but when you begin to worry about how you'll afford essentials, things appear to be a bit hopeless. Thankfully we have faith and trust in the Lord and know that He will never give us anything we can't handle and if we follow Him he will provide for us. I love my family and I love my Heavenly Father.

In other news, Berick is working on sitting up on his own which is funny to watch and he giggles ALL THE TIME! I love him more and more everyday! He keeps me busy and happy. I find myself waking up in the morning at 7 wanting to go back to bed but as soon as I pick him up and see his little smile I get over the fact that I'm tired :) He's growing sooooo much and sooooo fast and it makes me tear up a little. I love watching him develop but I hate the thought that he'll never be the age he is now ever again. His little personality is coming out and he's starting to eat some baby food! He quite likes the fruits :)

Kenyon and I are just going to school and trying to enjoy life as it comes! I love seeing Kenyon with Berick! Every time Kenyon comes through the door Berick will look over at him and get this huge grin on his face knowing that it s play time. Kenyon is such an amazing father to our boy and my love for him just intensifies when I see him play with Berick.

Life is coming together and I'm trust trying to keep up with everything! I'll get some more pics of Bean up soon but if you're really itching to see him either come see me or check facebook! I've just discovered how to upload pics from my phone to facebook! It's pretty cool!