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Saturday, February 18, 2012

NH, Valentine's Day, Milestones

Wow I have a lot to post! Ok so I went to NH a week ago to visit my mom and my stepdad! It was a BLAST and a half! My parents spoiled Berick and I like crazy and it was so fun to spend time with them and to see some friends :) Berick did AMAZING on the plane rides! I seriously could not have asked for a better baby! He slept for good chunks during it and when he was awake he did so well! Heavenly Father also put so many helpful people in my way. All in all it was quite fun! Here are some pics from said adventure :)
Here's Berick being goofy waiting in line to check in at the airport.

Here's sleeping Berick. He was in this state for a good chunk of flying!
Enjoying his new found love of bananas :)

 The pics above were from my phone but these ones below are way nicer and from my mom's camera! She caught some really good ones!
Berick with my brother Tom! It was so cute how much Berick liked him!

Me and my babe :)

He likes my kisses...most of the time.

Berick and his step-grandpa (Poppa) Lee

Berick with his grandma (Mimi)

Happy boy after church...forgive me looking so tired! It was the day after I got there and Berick woke up an hour early!
So that was my trip to NH! Can't wait until August when we get to see my parents again for their sealing in the Portland, Oregon Temple!

Ok Valentine's Day happened shortly after Berick and I's return! We didn't go to crazy but still kept it special :) Instead of going out to eat for dinner we went to breakfast at IHOP! I highly recommend breakfast on Valentine's Day because there was hardly any wait for food and barely anyone there! Then I had to babysit and while I did that Kenyon put random little things around the apartment to find like boxes of Conversation Hearts, and little pile of my favorite candy and a little stuffed animal bee. Then he gave my dad some money to go see a movie that night so we had the apartment to ourselves! It was great! OH! Were you thinking to yourself "Jeannette what did you do for your sweet husband?" Well loyal reader I just so happened to make him homemade oreos and a deck of "52 Reasons Why I Love You" made from playing cards. It looked like this:
Oh and Berick had a cute outfit to wear that looked like this:
He totally will be a little "Heart Breaker" one day! GOSH he's cute!
After Valentine's Day things quieted down and are now back to normal for the most part EXCEPT Berick learned how to crawl FORWARD while we were in NH on February 11th! I was such a proud mama that I almost started crying! He's getting into everything now and causing all kinds of mayhem but I love it! Here are some quirky pics of my babe:
Playing in the blankets!

This is when he woke up from a nap and was all cuddly and kept just smiling at me like this!

Pouty face while sleeping.

Big Man on Campus pulling himself up with things.

I don't know what he's doing here but I thought it was funny :)

He can sit up by himself now too so often I'll lay him down for a nap and go back in a few minutes later to find this! Its cute but he goes right back down :)

First time in a swing! He loved it! My dad pushed him so I could take a few pics. He just smiled and enjoyed the ride.

Kenyon wrapped him up like this the other night and I just thought he looked so funny!
Well sportsfans that's all for now! While in NH Berick had a photo shoot that I'll post pics from in another post! Also if you're wondering how Kenyon is then wonder no more! He's doing great! He's ready for landscaping season to start up again and switching up things with school. We have a few big choices to make soon but alas that is also for another post! Hope you enjoyed this picture packed blog entry! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh, Silly Birth Control

So a funny thing happened a few weeks ago. Spoiler ALERT: I'm on birth control. Anyone who reads this and doesn't agree with birth control...get over it :) Anyway soooo a few weeks ago I do my nightly routine of brushing and flossing and taking my meds which include an inhaler and a birth control pill. Everything goes according to plan until I get to the birth control. Upon further inspection of the pack I realize the empty pill spaces seem off. I proceed to count said spaces and discover: holy pregnancy batman I've missed 2 pills in a row! Some at this point my think to themselves "Jeannette, the birth control would still be in your system so there's a really small chance you could be pregnant". Well misinformed reader, I got pregnant with Berick the month I stopped taking birth control so basically I am blessed to not have conception issues. At any rate I walked into the living room and informed Kenyon of the news. Let's just say he wasn't mad at me but he got remarkably worried.

Pros to being Pregnant:

  • kids close in age (18 months apart)
  • we're still on medicaid
  • newborn cuddles
Cons to being Pregnant:

  • kids close in age
  • 2 kids in diapers
  • non-medical expenses
  • Kenyon, if accepted into the Landscape Architecture program, would be in the middle of one of the hardest semesters of schooling when baby 2 would come
The things I've just listed are merely a few points for both sides. Needless to say we were a little stressed. Well to break to suspense I am not pregnant but oddly enough I felt slight disappointment by not seeing those 2 pink lines on the test. It would have been incredibly hard to have kids that close and not planning on it and there's a chance I would have a breakdown after the baby was born but I still had gotten a little excited over the possibility. I feel like I was a little cheated of those newborn times with Berick because he struggled so much with his milk allergy. It would have been quite sweet to know what was wrong and have a sweet new spirit in the house. However it is still a relief that I'm not pregnant. I'll get more time with Nugget. Sorry this is just a "word" post but I wanted to write about this gem :) As long as we don't have anymore accidents we're still on track to try for Baby #2 in the fall. Its not too far off! Until then I'll just enjoy the newborns who are to be born soon enough around me.