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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Petersen Update!

You must forgive my cheesy smile in all of my maternity pictures...Kenyon likes to take the picture and be done regardless of if I like it or not so whatevs! Here I am at 32 weeks, 2 days! I'm on target with weight gain, but I can't go crazy with eating or I'll be screwed! I'm ok with my weight right now though because as previously mentioned in the post before this one, it was spring break and any healthy eating habits went out he window!

I wish I had some cute ultrasound pics to show but Baby Petersen was hiding his little face! I'm happy to report however that his kidney's are free of fluid! For those that didn't know, he had fluid in one of his kidneys which isn't a huge problem but was a bit worrisome but it appears the problem has worked itself out! Here are some fun little facts about our little man:

  • Weight: around 4.9 lbs.
  • He's in the 55th percentile for growth (which is right where he should be!)
  • He has hair! We don't know color or how much but we did see it on the ultrasound
  • He's still very much a boy!

We're getting very excited to meet this little mystery man who keeps hiding his face! I've said it a few times before but I don't even know for sure what he looks like or what his little personality is but I already love him! I dream of who he'll be one day and the example he'll hopefully set for his younger brothers and sisters. I wonder all the time what he'll look like! A lot of people think he's going to be a mini Kenyon and I'm totally ok with that 'cause it'll mean we'll have a handsome first son! I'll post again after my baby shower on the 26th of this month! I can't wait to see the cute stuff he gets!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm aware that its been like a month since I last posted BUT I was waiting till after our trip to Arizona to post a good one! However you'll just have to wait little longer for some pictures!

So on Friday March 4th we packed up the car and headed down to Arizona to spend some time with Kenyon's brother Brian and his family. We stopped in Riverton on the way to pick up our 19 year old nephew Brandon and proceded on to Page! We stopped in Page for the night and had dinner at Pizza Hut which would be the first of WAY too many times we went out to eat! Also I noted that it was the sketchiest Pizza Hut we had EVER been to but whatevs, I love 'Za Hut!

Saturday: We arrive in Glibert, AZ sometime in the afternoon and proceeded our week long relaxation. I should note here that we had intended at this point to leave to go back home on Wednesday so we could be back in time for an ultrasound for Baby Petersen...

Sunday: March 6th is my wonderful husband's birthday! We went to church that morning and then the men folk and the kids went camping that night! Kenyon's brother has 3 kids: Sadie (9), Brannon (4), and Jessie (5 months). My sister-in-law Beth and I stayed home from the camping because she needed to stay with the baby and me at my 31 weeks pregnant didn't feel like sleeping on the hard ground and getting in and out of a tent every half hour at night to go pee where TARANTULAS and SCORPIONS could grace me with their presence. SO we stayed back and went to Olive Garden and had a nice girls night although it was a bit bizarre not having a warm body to sleep next to!

Monday: I slept in and the guys and kids got back around noon! They were all quite tired but seemed to have had a good time! Once everyone was settled Beth and I went and got Jamba Juice and pedicures! It was a great combo and I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering! After that we did a little shopping at the mall! They had a Carter's there and said store was having a mega sale so I bought Baby Petersen some cute clothes! Walking around the mall however made me quite tired so needless to say I was ready to lay down when we got home!

Tuesday: Because we thought we were leaving the next day we wanted to make sure we went to the movies! Brian and Beth got Kenyon 2 free movie passes but tragically we didn't have those theaters in Utah so we used them while we were there! We saw Rango! It was on the cutest movies I've seen and we really liked it! We walked around the mall a little more and I held a sweet little Boston Terrier puppy! (For those that don't know Kenyon and I were planning on getting that breed of dog before we made the decision to try for Baby Petersen). That night the guys went and played some basketball.

Wednesday: We decide to leave the next day at this point. I can't quite remember what we did during the day but that night we went to my favorite restaurant in the world: CHILIS! We met some of Brian and Beth's friends who came with us to dinner and had a very nice night! The guys after dinner went to play raquetball and that was that!

Thursday: I ended up getting my appointment for Friday changed to that next Thursday so we stayed an extra day which ended up being a very good idea! Kenyon was feeling way under the weather that day and needed to be close to a bathroom so thank goodness we didn't leave that day! We didn't do much that day but that night we went to COLDSTONE! I made the most delicious concoction in the world! It consisted of Oreo Cream Filling ice cream as the base flavor and mixed in was peanut butter and cookie dough! It was heavenly!

Friday: I got Dunkin Donuts that morning for everyone 'cause they don't have them in Utah and I miss them from my East Coast days! Kenyon is feeling MUCH better so we go to the mall again where the guys go play at the arcade there and Beth and I did a little shopping! I was planning on getting some more things for Baby Petersen but instead ended up using my Victoria's Secret gift card that I've had since Kenyon and I got married! We went back and relaxed the rest of the night.

We left Saturday and are not back in Logan! We had a great time and a great visit with family! We just love staying with Brian and Beth! They treat us entirely too well while we're there! Beth even took me shopping for my baby gift...although it benefited her as well so she didn't have to go to the post office! As another side note throughout the days I didn't note all the different times we went out to eat and got fast food! I can't even remember all the times!

In Baby Petersen news he's getting big and I can tell his space is becoming limited in there! He moves around like crazy and enjoys making me nice and uncomfortable by pushing really hard on various sides of my torso! We're going to see him Thursday as previously mentioned and hopefully the fluid in his kidney is gone! I can't wait to see him in 3-D and maybe see his little face! I'm 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow, meaning I've got about 8 weeks left till the due date! I've got some baby showers coming up that I'm excited for! I can't believe how time has flown by! It seems like just yesterday we found out I was pregnant! Its crazy but I already love this little guy and I can't wait to meet him in a few months! Thanks for reading this far and I'll do another post Thursday to report on baby and post a belly pic!