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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drawing to an End

Our time here is rainy Ketchikan is FINALLY drawing to an end! Our internet hasn't been working properly so there won't be any pictures for now but all is well in the Petersen world! We're about to enter a very busy part of the summer when lots of fellow employees leave and we're left with a TON of hours at work! This should make for some nice paychecks! At any rate I have a few updates on life!

1. Kenyon and I are getting sealed! I'm wicked excited and I know he is too! We get sealed September 25th at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple! It will be a crazy time right before then because we have about 6 days to get back to Utah after we leave Ketchikan and we've got plans to see some awesome people along the way! The only down side is once we're sealed we're leaving again!

2. We leave Ketchikan September 17th! It should be a hectic day because it's the last busy day of the summer. I get off work that day at 7 and we have to be at the ferry terminal around 8, but at least we're leaving!

3. Once we're done with the ferry ride and the sealing we're headed on a little road trip! Here's what it will consist of:
  • First to Arizona! My sister-in-law is having her baby and could use some help so we're going down there for around a week and a half.
  • Once done in Arizona we're headed for Louisiana to visit my dad for a few days and potentially over to Mississippi to visit my Grandma on my mom's side.
  • After we've finished our time in the South (stopping along the way to see temples and such) we're headed to Illinois to stay with my Nana on my dad's side for a few weeks. It's going to be awesome!
Once done with our adventure we'll head back to Utah to settle down for a bit! We'll be flying my parents out for Christmas so that should make for a nice end of the trip!

We're very excited for all the things along the way and I'm somewhat saddened to note that we will no longer be getting a puppy but don't worry...I'm ok with it! I'll be posting pictures as soon as our internet stops hating us and allows us to post them!