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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, January 23, 2012

9 Months Plus Videos

So my little Nugget as of January 20th turned 9 months old! I can not believe it! He's growing up so dang fast! He's quite the little handful but I love it! His 9 month stats go as follows:

  • Weight: 18 lbs 15 oz
  • Height: 27 inches
  • Head Size: 18 1/4 inches (A funny note: at 6 months Berick was in the 31st percentile for head size and is now in the 81st! He's got such a big brain!)
His likes include:

  • Pears (baby food)
  • daddy time
  • cuddling with mom
  • standing along the edge of things
  • playing the "I'm gonna get you" game which is funny because we'll say "I'm gonna get you" and move closer and it gets him all excited but then once you actually "get" him he doesn't seem to care
  • loves people and flirting and going to church to see people he knows
  • growling if you growl at him
His dislikes include:

  • wiping his face off after he eats
  • sliding in the bath tub
  • going to other people when he can't see Kenyon or I
  • being left alone in a room unless its nap time or bed time
  • loud noises
He's a pretty awesome baby and as of today I SWEAR I can feel a little tooth coming in! He's going to look so funny to me with a tooth! I love my little man so much and I can't believe we're only 3 months away from having a 1 year old! In closing here are some cute videos of my man doing some silly stuff:

This first one is Berick giggling like crazy at Kenyon saying the word "wiggle"

This next one is Berick trying some jello...sorry for the crummy camera holding!
He's learned how to talk into this empty Puffs container...
I have more videos to upload but I'll save that for another post! Enjoy these gems for now :) Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting Started

Well Berick is getting bigger and doing so many cute, funny little things! I feel like I can't keep up and I'm so worried about missing something! I catch it on film when I can but alas sometimes I miss! So I've started a journal for Berick. I don't enjoy writing a journal for myself so I figured I'll write one for my children! Its basically just a compilation of the cute things he does and the feelings I have towards him and my experiences with him. I figure I'll keep one for each of our children and then when they hit a certain age say like 18 I'll give them the journals I've kept over the years so they can have them. I realize this is a bit of an undertaking but its something I'm going to give a try and see how it goes! Next week will have an exciting post because it'll be Berick's 9 month appointment and I'll get his stats and make sure all is developing well! Until then here are a few pics to appease the masses...well or the few people who read my blog :)
Yep you can squeeze him if you see me in real life...I do it multiple times a day :)

It kind of looks like he wants to fight me but don't worry I know he loves me!

Silly boy put his binky in upside down!

He can throw out some excellent faces!
 Aside from the journal writing, on Monday I'm going to start working out again. A big part of me not wanting to workout at night was that I hated leaving Berick but I'll go after 8 when he goes to bed and I won't feel like I'm missing anything! I'm not saying I'll successfully start working out on a regular basis but I'm going to try! I need to get out of the house and without all my stay at home mom friends around anymore I need it! Don't worry I'll be making more friends but until that happens I need something to get me out! I'm looking forward to the summer/warmer weather already so I can go out again without freezing and hit the Aquatic Center! That's enough ranting for now! Until next week...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Past, Present, Future

Well its 2012! Huzzah! Before I talk about what I hope 2012 has in store for us, I first want to look back on this past year :)

January: I was a little over 20 weeks pregnant and all was well! Coincidentally it was the last time I'd go to the Temple before little Bean was born!
February: We celebrated our last Valentine's Day alone. Kenyon surprised me and took me to a hotel for a relaxing stay! We went to the restaurant there and just relaxed and he took me to breakfast the next day!
March: Kenyon turned 24 on the 6th and we went to AZ for Spring Break! Let's just say we had so much fun that that month I gained 11 pounds! Luckily for me what I didn't know is Berick would be here sooner than expected :)
April: The 20th brought the man that would change me life forever :) He looked like this:
He rocked our world and is still rocking it today!...but we'll get to those pics in a bit :)
May: Kenyon and I celebrated 2 years of wedded awesomeness on the 29th! My parents were in town seeing Berick and watched him while Kenyon took me to some Italian dinner :) It was also the first time I left Berick and I kept checking in on him the whole time! I also celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mother :)
June: I turned 21! It wasn't anything too crazy but I didn't need that! Calm was good!
July: We took Bean on his first road trip to Arizona! We visited Brian and Beth and their family and had a hoot! I didn't eat nearly as much food as I had in March ;) Berick wore his first pair of swim trunks and was adorable and looked like this:
August: Kenyon and I started school! Kenyon rocked the semester and it was my first time back since forever ago!
September: We took Berick on his first over night camping trip! It was interesting but all around fun :) Berick enjoyed himself and looked like this doing it:

October: Berick turned 6 months old! I was a good enough parent to keep him going for half a year! He learned to sit up that month! Here he is in the tub sitting up by himself like a big kid:
November: We celebrated Berick's first Thanksgiving! It was fun seeing him enjoy the food and what not! I took some pics of him outside in the beginning of November before the snow hit Logan and here are some from that shoot :) :

He was really digging the leaves :)
December: Christmas time! Berick got tons of presents! I may have to take a pic of him in his Christmas jammies because I forgot to! I was so wrapped up in watching that cute little man dig all the wrapping paper :) We also spent lots of time with family which was great too!

We have hit the beginning of 2012! Here are some current pics of my little Nugget! Sorry I don't put many up of myself! I'm generally taking the pics and well...Berick is just more fun to look at :)
Enjoying some puffs :)

This kid will wolf down a pizza crust like its his job!

Faux Hawk: No my baby is not obese :)

One of the most handsome guys on this planet!

Who doesn't love a good box?

Real men just take a bite out of the bell pepper!

Yep, I get to kiss this guy everyday!
Well for the future of this Petersen clan, we've got a lot going! Kenyon applies for the Landscape Architecture program in March and that will determine a lot for our future! Little Nugget will turn 1 in April! Then this summer we're looking into getting a modular or manufactured home of our own! Fall we'll be trying for the next little Petersen :) Those are our plans but who knows what will really happen or what the Lord has in store for us! A lot has happened this past year and I look forward to what is to come! Right now I'm just enjoying my life, caring for Berick! I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I love my baby, I love my husband and family and great friends and LOVE the gospel of Christ! This year I'll have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for 3 years! They've so far been the best 3 years of my life!

That's all! New Year's resolution for the blog world? POST MORE! Thanks for reading :)