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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I keep making promises to blog more and post more pics and such but I'm just tired lately (for pregnancy related reasons) so stick with me and my boring, infrequent posts until I have some more energy...might be a while :) Read to the bottom and you'll find some Berick gems/a dump of pics from my phone!

If you hadn't already heard, Baby Petersen #2 is a BOY! We are super excited and to be honest not wicked surprised. My pregnancy has basically been the same as it was with Berick minus the throwing up I did with Berick. I crave the same flavors and shy away from sweeter things. Kenyon says all he makes is boys...we'll see how that pans out. Little guy was being shy though and wouldn't give us a good look at his face! We have cute shots of Berick's face in the womb but not this guy! I have what's called an anterior placenta so when the guy was doing the ultrasound he had to look through and around my placenta to see the baby. Apparently the placenta was a nice snuggly, pillow in which baby kept hiding his face. For about a minute we got to see his lips and nose but that was it! I'm glad he's healthy and that we were able to see that he's a boy.

This leads me to the post topic. These boys will be basically 2 years apart. I am really excited about this timing but also nervous. Berick is already showing some "terrible two" signs and the idea of dealing with that with a newborn makes me shaky! But that's besides the point. Kenyon turned to me the other day as we were laying in bed and told me how excited he was that Berick would have a little brother. This thought was sparked by bath time. He was thinking about how fun it'll be to have Berick and "little brother" in the bath at the same time. It made me start thinking of my guys together and how sweet it'll be to see Berick with a little tag along. I have 2 older stepbrothers and have really enjoyed having some people who I feel look out for me. That's how I feel Berick will be! Having 2 boys I know will be a handful but I know Heavenly Father has a plan for the spirits that are to come to our family and He knows what, as a mother, I can handle.

With that last statement being said I have had something weighing on my mind heavily for a while. Again I am so excited and feel so blessed to be pregnant with another healthy baby I am very nervous about how my emotions will pan out again. After Berick was born I struggled with Post Pardum Depression pretty bad and have posted about it before. I wasn't necessarily depressed, rather extremely anxious. Anxiety runs on my mom's side of the family so it was only a matter of time before it in some way popped up in my life. Throughout this pregnancy I have already had moments where I feel extremely anxious. I have no idea why! There is nothing in my life that is overly stressful but for some reason certain situations will arise where I just get so worked up and impulsive for no reason. Some people say "why don't you just calm down" or "count to 3 or something"...its not that easy. I grew up with people saying that to my mom or telling her to "take a chill pill" and thought nothing of it but now that I've experienced it myself first hand and have had to take medication, it infuriates me when people say those things. After this baby is born I'll most likely go on medication again like after Berick was born and feel totally ok with that choice. I also think its important for people to not judge women who have to take medication for post pardum. Its a legitimate disorder. I was talking to my Nana yesterday and she said there is no shame in it what so ever. She claimed if you had a condition or disorder with an organ you would take medication so why not for something mental or emotional? I totally agree with that statement! I know this post has gotten a little serious but this was just one of those things I needed to get off my chest! With all of that being said, if you see a mother out in public with a few kids and she's crying or struggling, please don't judge her. She may be having a rough day and might just need a stranger to say "do you need help with anything" or even a simple smile.

Thanks for listening! Here's some pics of my silly dude!
My handsome guy ready for church!

Helping Dad on the job before the end of the season.

Haircut...he was only distracted by "Horton" and there were many tears shed.

Snow Buddy

Sharing his pb sammie with his tiger.

Being a goober at Target

Wearing some shades :)
I hope those pics will tide you all over until the next post! Who knows when that'll be!

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  1. Loved your blog post. So excited for you guys to have another little man as well. :)

    As for the anxiety thing, I absolutely know where you're coming from! Having anxiety myself and having experienced panic attacks (I had another one last night in fact...) it is always frustrating when people who haven't experienced anxiety think that just taking deep breaths and counting to 3 can actually work. Joe does this when I'm experiencing intense anxiety and it can be quite frustrating but just remember that people genuinely don't know what you're experiencing so it's really hard for them to relate. I think they are just doing the best they can...which obviously is no help but I think for the most part they have good motives, they just don't understand. :) Call me if you ever need someone to talk to about this!