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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Babe Makes 4

My little boy is going to be a big brother! Its crazy and scary and wicked exciting! I announced it on facebook but figured I would make a blog post for posterity's sake and to answer so q's that are bound to come up! So a wee bit of background: we started trying in July and I thought I was pregnant but either I wasn't or had what I believe was an early miscarriage. So we kept trying and the beginning of September I took a test because I was late and it was quite positive :) We had our first appointment at the end of September. We go to the appointment thinking I was like 8 weeks pregnant but an ultrasound proved to us I was merely 6.5 which was slightly disappointing but we say baby's heartbeat and everything was just fine. So fast forward to today we had another appointment and am now about 11.5 weeks along and baby is doing great! It had a heartbeat of 166 and I have actually lost a few pounds which is shocking after my first year of candy parent tax with Berick for Halloween which I must say is an excellent perk of being a parent!

So I shall answer a few questions:

1. How are you feeling: Well not too shabby actually. I threw up quite a bit with Berick but haven't thrown up at all with this nugget. I feel sick if I'm hungry or haven't eaten in a while but other than that I'm just tired. Chasing around a toddler while pregnant is not easy but luckily he stills naps 3 hours a day :)

2. Do you think baby is a girl or boy/which do you want: I believe baby is a boy and think about it sometimes and feel that I would be shocked to learn if it was a girl. In terms of what we want, we want health :) As long as the baby is healthy we'll be ok with whatever it is however financially having a boy would be a little less taxing.

3. How do you feel about Berick being a big brother: I look at him and think he is way to little still but by the time baby is born Berick will be 2 so I think it'll be ok.

4. Food Aversions/Cravings: Very similar to my pregnancy with Berick. Sweets like cupcake frosting and such I am not interested in but I could eat a nice juicy steak everyday! I want really savory tastes like A1 sauce and sweet and sour chicken!

I think those things should sum up some questions and if not then feel free to ask me :) It should also be noted that we are super excited to have another baby but I also have many fears. I'll address them in another post because this one is happy!


  1. EXCITING!!!! I must of missed the FB posted, so I'm glad you posted it on your blog. So when is the due date?

  2. Congrats! Two can be a handful, but it's also a lot of fun.