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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Incident

A lot of people have been asking us what happened to Berick's leg so I figured I would make a blog post and put the masses at ease :)

A few weeks ago we were at the Cache Valley Fun Park with some friends and Kenyon and Berick were playing in their big jungle gym type thing. For anyone who hasn't been there its just this big padded structure with tunnels and levels and slides. Well the guys were at the top and Kenyon decided to take Berick down the slide. He's been down it with him before and loves it so we didn't think anything of it. I was on the ground level when I heard Berick scream...not the "I'm having fun" kind of scream. So I go around the the bottom of the slide and see/hear Berick crying hysterically. We proceeded to go sit down with him and upon trying to get him to stand he began to cry more. What happened on the inside of the tunnel goes as follows: Berick was sitting in front of Kenyon between his legs and as they went down Berick put his feet out and fell forward a bit. Kenyon caught him but one of Berick's feet went under Kenyon as they went the rest of the way down. For the rest of the night Berick wouldn't put any weight on that foot and continued to have problems with it the next day.

The next day we took him to his pediatrician. They did an xray (which he was REALLY not thrilled about) and determined that nothing was out of place except for some soft tissue damage...or so we thought. Apparently my doctor should never second guess himself or ask for a second opinion.

So the ped. tells us to give it the weekend and if its still bugging him to come in. Well things seemed to start getting better and he was walking on it albeit with a slight limp but still walking. Then all of a sudden in the past few days he's been walking on it in the morning and then towards lunch he begins to cry and complain that its hurting. We can't put a shoe on his foot because he cries and claims that it hurts.

That leads us to today! We had a wonderful weekend with my mom and grandma but Berick was really starting to have a hard time with his foot. His pediatrician didn't have openings today so they told us to take him to instacare so we could get an xray. At the instacare it was determined that Berick indeed has a fracture in his foot and possibly one on the lower part of his shin. Remember back in this post how I talked about my ped. not second guessing himself? Well he had thought there was a fracture but got a second opinion from another ped. who didn't think so, so he dismissed it. The "possible" shin fracture stems from the doctor at instacare thinking there was a fracture but the radiologist thinking its nothing.

SO he now has a splint for the affected leg and tomorrow we will take him to an orthopedist to get their opinion and decide if he keeps the splint or if he needs a cast.

I'm aware that this is all a bit confusing but it is what it is and I'm glad we've uncovered what's been giving Mr. B so much pain! We sure love our little guy and hate seeing him hurting. He looked at me today after he tripped over something and said "it hurts mama" and it just melted my little heart!

Thanks for listening and we'll keep everyone posted! I'll take a pic of the lil' trooper as well!

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