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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Trip

So lately I have been referencing a trip and before we leave I'll explain what we're going to do and where we're gong :) We are headed out tomorrow on a 10 trip starting with California and ending in Idaho! Our tentative itinerary goes as follows.

August 2nd, Day 1: Kenyon will get off work at some point in the evening and we'll make a quick drive over to Wendover to stay the night. Hopefully they have a pool 'cause I'm itching to go swimming!

Day 2: We will begin our drive over to San Francisco and get there sometime in the afternoon. Along the way we intend to stop in Reno to have lunch with some friends who had just moved there then be in San Fran! I guess technically we will be staying in Palo Alto with some super awesome friends that we know from our first married student ward. We're super jazzed to see them!

-Have I mentioned I've never been to California and I'm super pumped to be going to San Francisco?!

Day 3: Party time in San Francisco! We haven't done the details yet of what we're doing that day but it will probably include seeing that pier with all the sea lions on it!

Day 4: We will be back in San Francisco for a friend's wedding! We met the couple when we went to Ketchikan, AK and have stayed friends ever since. We are excited to be there for them to celebrate! Plus I'm hoping Berick will fit into his suit that my mom got for him a little bit ago :)

Day 5: We'll begin our trek up to Oregon by traveling up the California coast. I'm not sure where we will be staying that night but we will either camp or stay in a hotel near the redwoods!

Day 6: Meet up with my parents in southern Oregon. We will then be camping for the next couple days! Kenyon and I bought some foam pads for the adventure and are hoping Berick will sleep while we're in the wilderness.

Days 7 and 8: We'll be camping with my parents for those days and I don't know the specifics just yet.

Day 9: Ocean fishing is the proposed activity for this day but I'm nervous about it and haven't decided one way or the other just yet. My stepdad's friend has a 40 ft. long boat with a cabin below but I have a fear of the open ocean and the last time I was on a boat in the ocean I got sick...way sick and was miserable the entire time. Plus I don't know how well Berick will do for hours on a boat. Needless to say I'm not sure :/

Day 10: Kind of the whole reason for our trip. My mom and step dad are getting sealed for time and all eternity in the Portland, Oregon Temple! They have asked Kenyon and I to be their escorts and we'll have a sitter for Berick during that time. We're hoping there is enough time after for us to go to the Portland zoo but we'll see about timing.

Day 11: We will begin our journey back to Logan. We have some more super awesome friends who we get to stay with that night in Boise. We met them in Ketchikan as well.

Day 12: Home to Logan :)

So that's what we'll be doing for the next week and a half and I am soooooooo excited! Kenyon especially needs this vacation! We think Berick will have a good time as long as he is occupied with something. We have our portable dvd player for car rides and will equip ourselves with lots of snacks! We're also going to toys r us with a gift card to get him a few things for the ride!

I realize I haven't been posting much lately but maybe this post can get you excited for the next one which will include LOTS of pics :) Thanks for reading!

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